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In a very short time we will be meeting each other in Kenya! I bet you're all as excited as we are! On these pages we will post relevant information about the trip. 


Travel information

Security Plan - please read through the security plan which can be downloaded here


More on safety and security here

Participant list - The list of participant can be downloaded here

Contact list - Important phone numbers can be found here.

Visa - When you come to Jomo Kenyatta International you will have to obtain a Single Journey Visa. Most of the international travellers arriving together with you will go through the same process, and it is quite straightforward. You will have to fill out some forms, all of which are available at the counter. The visa fee is 50 USD which must be paid in cash. 

Packing list  - Click on the link for a packing list for your trip to Kenya. 


Course Schedule

Please click here to find the updated course schedule for the course.


Brackenhurst and Limuru

Click here for more information about where you will be staying! 


Field trips

Here you can read about some of the places you'll be visiting! 

St. John's Community Centre